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7 ‘Most Important’ Lessons Learned by a Landscape Photographer

Oct 03, 2018 Michael Zhang

Here’s an inspiring 16-minute video by Lisbon, Portugal-based landscape photographer Andy Mumford, who shares the 7 most important lessons he has learned over the years.

“There are certain tips and pieces of advice that I find myself giving more than anything else during workshops or in response to email inquiries, and in this video I’ve tried to put them all together,” Mumford writes.

Here’s an index of the 7 things Mumford covers (watch the video to hear him discuss each one):

1. Tripod (00:47). “You need a really good carbon fiber tripod.”

2. Embrace Failure (02:03). “Failure is the best way to learn.”

3. Research the Location and Arrive Early (04:09). “Do as much research beforehand as you can.”

4. It’s Not About the Best Specs (05:33). “You don’t need the very best camera to take good images.”

5. Back Up (09:20). “Back up your images multiple times in multiple times in multiple different places.”

6. “Why” Often Informs “How” (11:23): “What are you actually shooting? Why are you taking the image?”

7. Shoot for Yourself (13:49). “Take the images that you want to take and that you enjoy taking.”

You can find more of Mumford’s videos and follow along with them by subscribing to his YouTube channel. You can also see more of Mumford’s work on his website and Instagram.

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