About Us

A snapshot shows a moment in time, a good photograph tells a story, a great photograph captures your imagination.

We have been scanning and restoring images since 2002. It all started with wanting to share some old family photo albums with relatives.

Admittedly we started by making all the mistakes that could be made, like using the default settings on a cheap scanner. Our photo editing software was not much better; it was the program that came with a digital camera. Early on, knowledge about scanning and photo restoration was sparse. Nevertheless, the restoration bug had bitten us .

Soon afterwards a couple of books about photo restoration were published. We still review these classics on a regular basis. Our search for knowledge and understanding of restoration has never wavered. We are constantly reading and reviewing so we can bring you the best possible images.

We do all of our work in house and rest assured; once your photos arrive here, they stay here. When your mailed in order is complete, it is shipped back to you with tracking.

We would like to thank some of the people and organizations that have done so much to advance image restoration, retouching, and scanning. In no particular order, they are Katrin Eismann, Dan Margulis, Ctein, Chris Orwig, Matt Kloskowski, Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Kelby Training, Deke McClelland, Janine Smith, Lynda.com, Ben Long, Dr. Taz Tally, and so many others.

Who I am

As far back as I can remember I have been drawing, designing, building, or painting something. From drawing pictures during English, Math, and Science classes to building and painting model cars, ships, or spacecraft: I have always been creative.

Photography, restoration, retouching and designing are an extension of that creativity.

Restoration is the chance to repair something that is broken and make it enjoyable once again.

With retouching, the aim is to enhance different aspects of an image, making it pleasing to the eye and more of what we expect to see.

Photography gives us the chance to see the world around us in a different way; whether it\’s close-up, far away, or sideways.

Design is how it all fits together, whether it’s a business card or a billboard, it needs to be easy on the eyes and sensibilities.

My joy is sharing the results with others.

Aww nards, you may have broken it.