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Area Art Show

(Last Updated On: Dec 27, 2018)

Our photo in local art show

The local college held an graphic art show recently and we had a surprise when we walked in the door. The show was sponsored by the Graphic Arts Department at Arkansas State University Mountain Home and VisionAmp Marketing.

Last fall I took a class at ASUMH in Photography/Photoshop. I enjoy learning and taking a college class forces me to do and look at things differently, that in itself is a great learning tool. One of our projects was to create a composition and I used the pictures from the Rapps Barren Civil War Reenactment. The cannon was fascinating.

xComposed the pictures and showed the completed composition to the class during critique time. There were the usual questions about why do you do this and what about that; all great questions and suggestions. Afterwards I made some changes and submitted the image for grading.

I was so pleased with the image that I printed a copy for our house and placed it by our front door. One of the perks of enjoying photography is having great artwork hanging on the walls around you. Best part is, you made it.

Several months passed before seeing an article about the show and deciding to go see it. My teenage son was with me at the time, he was not real happy. His attitude changed when we walked into the art show. We both stopped and stared. He spoke first, “Dad, isn’t that the same picture we have?” I was kind of in shock when I said, “Oh wow, yes it is, oh wow.” What a pleasant surprise to see my image chosen for the art show and placed right next to the entrance.

While we did not win, it was just great to have an image in the show.

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