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11 Dec 2019

7 ‘Most Important’ Lessons Learned by a Landscape Photographer

Oct 03, 2018 Michael Zhang Here’s an inspiring 16-minute video by Lisbon, Portugal-based landscape photographer Andy Mumford, who shares the 7 most important lessons he has learned over the years. “There are certain tips and pieces of advice that I find myself giving more than anything else during workshops or in response to email inquiries, and in this video I’ve tried to put them all together,” Mumford writes. Here’s an index of the 7 things Mumford covers (watch the video […]

04 Dec 2019

Noob Astrophotography Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Nightscapes

by Jonathan Lee Martin February 4, 2019 Landscape photographers spend a lot of time outdoors at strange hours of the day to capture a few shots at sunrise and sunset. But have you considered exploring astrophotography to broaden your shoot options to include breathless starry nights? Nightscapes merge the universal appeal of landscapes with the mystery of the night sky. In this week’s vlog, I cover five technical mistakes that can plague newcomers to astrophotography. Some are obvious in retrospect, […]

16 May 2019

Catching Yosemite’s Firefalls with the 60-600mm Sports lens

Yosemite’s Horsetail Falls firefalls are a rare, unique occurrence that require specific circumstances for the event to happen. “Firefalls” are created when the waterfalls are lit up naturally

25 Mar 2019

Trip to Rush

Went to the Rush Historical Area on the Buffalo River on Saturday. It was overcast and rainy, but a comfortable 65-70 degrees, so it wasn’t all bad.

20 Mar 2019

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2019

As you embark on possibly your most creative year yet, embrace new ideas. Here are our top most impactful graphic design trends of 2019.

20 Feb 2019

8 Print Design Styles to Know About for 2019

Design in print media is forever changing, but new trends rarely come out of nowhere. Follow the evolution of these up-and-coming styles for 2019

13 Feb 2019

Get the black and white film look – with digital cameras

Transform your digital images into black & white analog classics by using simple tools. James Paterson gives you a masterclass

06 Feb 2019

10 of the Best Articles About Design to Inspire Your New Year

Ten of our favorite articles, stories, and tutorials for anyone interested in creativity, design, and other beautiful things.

01 Feb 2019

11 Awesome Typography Tutorials for All Skill Levels

Typography is more than just typing out a phrase and changing the font style. Learn how to add character and personality to your typographic designs

30 Jan 2019

How to Create Fine-Art Macro Photos

When Monica Royal is brainstorming on how to craft a fine-art macro photo, she doesn’t have to go far for inspiration. “I’ll often take a walk around my house or backyard,” she says. “Sometimes I’ll be on the lookout for a subject;