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Category : Landscapes

26 Jun 2019

Finding the perfect location for landscape photography

There comes a time in every landscape photographer’s journey when they outgrow their local patch and feel the pull of more distance locations. While having local spots to visit is essential to take advantage of last-minute weather conditions,

22 May 2019

How to use an ND graduated filter for stunning landscape photography

Great skies often come with exposure problems, but a graduated filter can make all the difference

16 May 2019

Catching Yosemite’s Firefalls with the 60-600mm Sports lens

Yosemite’s Horsetail Falls firefalls are a rare, unique occurrence that require specific circumstances for the event to happen. “Firefalls” are created when the waterfalls are lit up naturally

24 Apr 2019

Get your best-ever spring flower and foliage shots

A great way to keep one’s photography fresh is to work with creative or vintage lenses, which can be very challenging but a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

25 Mar 2019

Trip to Rush

Went to the Rush Historical Area on the Buffalo River on Saturday. It was overcast and rainy, but a comfortable 65-70 degrees, so it wasn’t all bad.

13 Mar 2019

Things We Love: Long-Exposure Photography

One of the things I love most about photography is that, through it, we can transcend the limitations of what can be observed with the naked eye. Everyday life looks different when it’s frozen in a still image

13 Feb 2019

Get the black and white film look – with digital cameras

Transform your digital images into black & white analog classics by using simple tools. James Paterson gives you a masterclass

16 Jan 2019

Through the lens of Tim Ernst

A blazing golden winter sunrise, the morning after a winter storm dumped several inches of fresh snow, Hawksbill Crag, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Ozark National Forest, Newton County.

09 Jan 2019

Jackson Hole Launches Tag Responsibly Campaign

We asked if photographers should stop sharing location information. Popular spots are being overrun with Instagrammers, seeking to duplicate iconic images.

26 Dec 2018

Making the most of skies

Making the Most of Skies Article and Images by Brien Szabo The use of sky in a landscape image can be a very important factor. Skies can play a dominant role or a supportive role. Regardless of its use, if skies are not composed or metered properly it is likely to doom your shot. I can’t count the number of times I’ve either ditched a shot or had to rethink it because the sky wasn’t working for me. When I’m […]