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25 Dec 2019

How to Photograph the Milky Way

By Antoni Cladera | 2 months ago Have you ever seen an amazing photo of the Milky Way and wondered what’s the secret behind it? Is there some magic formula that made it turn out so great? Well, there is a formula, but it’s not magic. It’s all about planning and then nailing the shot. And I’m going to help you master both. But first, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Antoni Cladera, and I’m a professional photographer […]

24 Dec 2019

What Do Photographers Really Want for Christmas?

written by Watkins Sheen December 23, 2019 What do photographers really want for Christmas? Yes, there are many gifts that will brighten a photographer’s stocking. From new lenses, a new camera body or any well-used accessory, they’ll bring a smile to our faces. Since it’s the holidays, let’s hop aboard the real Polar Express to spread some good cheer. And a bit of humor. After all, our Christmas list is a wish list! Top Christmas Wish List Gift Ideas Weddings […]

18 Dec 2019

Rachel Jones Ross: 100 Nights of Photography Under the Stars, Part 1

By Jill Waterman | 3 months ago I still remember vividly, the first time I ever photographed the Milky Way. It was on a crop sensor camera with a kit lens, in the middle of winter. I had no composition to speak of, and the galactic core of the Milky Way was not visible at that time of year. Somehow none of that mattered: I was completely mesmerized. Seeing the cluster of stars on the back of the screen felt […]

11 Dec 2019

7 ‘Most Important’ Lessons Learned by a Landscape Photographer

Oct 03, 2018 Michael Zhang Here’s an inspiring 16-minute video by Lisbon, Portugal-based landscape photographer Andy Mumford, who shares the 7 most important lessons he has learned over the years. “There are certain tips and pieces of advice that I find myself giving more than anything else during workshops or in response to email inquiries, and in this video I’ve tried to put them all together,” Mumford writes. Here’s an index of the 7 things Mumford covers (watch the video […]

27 Nov 2019

Why and How to Calibrate Your Lenses for Razor-Sharp Autofocus

Sep 27, 2018 Jake Hicks When we finally pluck up the courage to purchase an expensive lens, we expect them to be perfect right? Unfortunately, no matter how good the lens is, there are always going to be minor differences when we attach it to our specific camera. Often our camera bodies are made at a completely different time and usually in a completely different factory, so when we finally bring the two together there are often minor adjustments that […]

26 Jun 2019

Finding the perfect location for landscape photography

There comes a time in every landscape photographer’s journey when they outgrow their local patch and feel the pull of more distance locations. While having local spots to visit is essential to take advantage of last-minute weather conditions,

19 Jun 2019

Be a more ethical wildlife photographer

Wildlife photography has changed dramatically in the past two decades, with the main drivers being the advent of digital and social media. This new approach to wildlife photography means we not only need to look at established ethics

12 Jun 2019

Expert tips for award-winning macro shots

One of the joys of close-up photography is the way that it enables you to see the world anew. When viewed up close, dandelion seeds can take on the appearance of ballerinas and walls can be transformed into expressionist paintings.