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Category : Photoshop Tips

05 Jun 2019

15 Tips for Better Train and Railroad Photos

For many photographers, the lure of a machine is an addictive draw to the camera and lens. Airplanes, cars, trucks, tractors, wristwatches, cameras, super colliders, and factory machinery are the subject of many photographs around the world

29 May 2019

Meet Your Tiniest Neighbors Using Macro Gear and a Field Studio Setup

The use of a field studio setup to backlight individual subjects against a luminous white background offers participating photographers a distinctive style, which elevates the profile of these diminutive creatures,

22 May 2019

How to use an ND graduated filter for stunning landscape photography

Great skies often come with exposure problems, but a graduated filter can make all the difference

01 May 2019

Blend exposures using 32-bit files

Create a low-noise, high quality HDR image in RAW software using this lesser-known technique