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13 Feb 2019

Get the black and white film look – with digital cameras

Transform your digital images into black & white analog classics by using simple tools. James Paterson gives you a masterclass

29 Sep 2015

A Tribute to Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun

“It was extraordinarily difficult for a woman to gain such skill, because she was barred from the official academic training that men could have. In a way, that is the most remarkable thing about her – she was self-taught,” says Baillio.

15 May 2014


During the early 1900’s it was popular to have your photograph printed on a postcard. Doing this made it much easier to send photos to the relatives back home.

11 Dec 2013

1930’s Football Team

This image harkens back to the day when real men played football. No pads, just striped jerseys and leather helmets.

27 Nov 2013

Restaurant Lady

Even though the original photograph has a nice composition we wondered …

20 Oct 2013


But there you were, hiding in a corner, the lonely tin-type in a box …

14 Oct 2013
Guinevere and Ernst

Guinevere and Ernst

At first glance, it looks like a large old photographic portrait. However …

02 Oct 2013

Mable and Myrtle

Seeing the smiles on their faces and you can imagine the other sister making faces in the background…

02 Oct 2013


This scene screams of the 1970’s …