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Copyright and Your Rights

 Copyright Commandments

From the PACA – The Picture Agency Council of America

Copyright Education

  1.  The moment a photograph is created, it is protected by copyright. Use the copyright notice (©, year of publication, name).
  2. The photographer has the exclusive right to authorize use of a photograph during his/her lifetime plus 70 years.
  3. Written permission to use a photograph should be obtained in advance to avoid infringement.
  4. Infringement is any unauthorized use of a photograph, absent some exemption such as fair use or limited classroom use.
  5. Exceeding the terms of a license is an infringement. You should obtain a new license before making any new uses of a photograph.
  6. Penalties for infringement are monetary and can be severe.
  7. Combining or altering photographs may require permission from the copyright holders.
  8. Creating a painting or a sculpture from a photograph is an exclusive right of the copyright owner and you should obtain permission first.
  9. Reshooting or replicating a photograph is an unauthorized copy and requires permission from the copyright owner.
  10. Using all or some of a photograph as reference for a second work may require permission from the copyright owner.

We strive to follow these principles and hope that you will too.