de•sign•er (n). 1. One that designs. 2. To conceive or fashion in the mind. 3 To create or conceive for a particular purpose or effect. 4 To create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner.

Design that’s to be experienced in an instant is the easiest to recognize. Designers arrange type, form, and image on posters, advertisements, packages, and other printed matter.

This kind of design is often confused with illustration, but while an illustrator creates or draws an image in response to an idea, a designer combines illustrations, photographs, and type in order to communicate an idea. One way to understand this is to consider the difference between a furniture maker and an interior designer.

One makes a specific object for a specific purpose, while the other thinks about how all the objects and surfaces of a room create an environment for the person moving through it. Good illustrators are often capable designers and vice versa, making it harder to distinguish between the two practices.







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