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05 Jun 2019

15 Tips for Better Train and Railroad Photos

For many photographers, the lure of a machine is an addictive draw to the camera and lens. Airplanes, cars, trucks, tractors, wristwatches, cameras, super colliders, and factory machinery are the subject of many photographs around the world

25 Mar 2019

Trip to Rush

Went to the Rush Historical Area on the Buffalo River on Saturday. It was overcast and rainy, but a comfortable 65-70 degrees, so it wasn’t all bad.

09 Jan 2019

Jackson Hole Launches Tag Responsibly Campaign

We asked if photographers should stop sharing location information. Popular spots are being overrun with Instagrammers, seeking to duplicate iconic images.

06 Nov 2015

10 Things Germans Do Better Than Americans

“Here are 10 things Germans do better than Americans. Germany and the US are both pretty cool countries, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same across the board. Number 10. Engineering. Much of it comes down to training. Germany’s vocational system continues to thrive and offers learning opportunities that combine practical application and theory. Among the most sought after programs is a 3-year apprenticeship with the multi-industry innovator Siemens. Number 9. Beer Gardens. Makeshift sidewalk cafes are plentiful in the […]

30 Oct 2015

Edinburgh Fringe: Top 10 jokes

“I just deleted all the German names off my phone. It’s Hans free” – Darren Walsh

13 Nov 2014

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

A new exhibition at New York’s MoMA features meticulous copies of famous artworks. It raises the question: is originality really that important?

28 Oct 2014

McLarens F1 Owner’s Manuel is a Work of Art

Because McLaren built only 72 road-going F1s between 1992 and 1998, the car’s handbook has become the Gutenberg Bible of owner’s manuals. Moreover, each copy of the book was tied to a specific car,

23 Jun 2014

Area Art Show

There were the usual questions about why do you do this and what about that, all great questions/suggestions. Afterwards I made some changes and submitted the image for grading.

25 Nov 2013

10 old letter-writing tips that work for emails

A letter should be “restricted”, it advised. “Those that are too long, not to mention too inflated in style, are not in any true sense letters at all but treatises.”