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Tag : Nature

19 Jun 2019

Be a more ethical wildlife photographer

Wildlife photography has changed dramatically in the past two decades, with the main drivers being the advent of digital and social media. This new approach to wildlife photography means we not only need to look at established ethics

16 May 2019

Catching Yosemite’s Firefalls with the 60-600mm Sports lens

Yosemite’s Horsetail Falls firefalls are a rare, unique occurrence that require specific circumstances for the event to happen. “Firefalls” are created when the waterfalls are lit up naturally

24 Apr 2019

Get your best-ever spring flower and foliage shots

A great way to keep one’s photography fresh is to work with creative or vintage lenses, which can be very challenging but a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

06 Mar 2019

5. Optics For Macro

Want to try exploring the miniature worlds accessible through close-up photography? There are options for every budget, from premium lenses specially designed for macro work, to relatively inexpensive extension tubes and close-up lenses. Here are the basics to know about each option.

01 Mar 2019

3. Macro Photography Techniques

Macro photography is a passport to a world of details and new perspectives. It’s also one of the most challenging types of photography to master, but don’t let that stop you. With the right lens, camera support, lighting accessories and practice, you can take incredible macro photos.

25 Feb 2019

1. Intro To Macro

Imagine a land ruled by giant eight-eyed creatures the size of a car with long translucent fur, colorful stripes and purple iridescent fangs. Imagine a land where huge balls of glistening water fall from the sky

13 Feb 2019

Get the black and white film look – with digital cameras

Transform your digital images into black & white analog classics by using simple tools. James Paterson gives you a masterclass

30 Jan 2019

How to Create Fine-Art Macro Photos

When Monica Royal is brainstorming on how to craft a fine-art macro photo, she doesn’t have to go far for inspiration. “I’ll often take a walk around my house or backyard,” she says. “Sometimes I’ll be on the lookout for a subject;

23 Jan 2019

Our best-ever close up photography tips

Get up close and personal for great shots… Our experts suggest getting creative with compositions and backdrops and keeping a close eye on the details while watching out for distractions

16 Jan 2019

Through the lens of Tim Ernst

A blazing golden winter sunrise, the morning after a winter storm dumped several inches of fresh snow, Hawksbill Crag, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Ozark National Forest, Newton County.