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Trip to Rush

(Last Updated On: Mar 25, 2019)

Went to the Rush Historical Area on the Buffalo River on Saturday. It was overcast and rainy, but a comfortable 65-70 degrees, so it wasn’t all bad. It may be officially spring, however spring has not arrived here with the plants budding out and flowers everywhere. I posted some pictures over here, warning, these are unprocessed images.

It was great to get out and do some exploring after a cold, wet, and dreary winter. Followed the GPS to Rush Creek Road and had a blast traveling down this dirt road hacked thru the woods. Got to ford the creek several times with the Jeep, the new All Terrain tires and increased ground clearance really came in handy. Definitely not a road for regular cars.

Passed a cow skull hanging on a fence post and thought I would get a picture of it when I came back through later in the day. Turns out it was a lot sooner than expected as one of the landowners had posted No Trespassing and Do Not Enter signs at their property line. It looked like the road continued thru for a ways and the GPS said it did.

Despite what the GPS said and the current road conditions I turned around because trying to explain what the GPS said to someone who clearly does not want to be disturbed may not, ok, won’t go in my favor. Took it a little slower on the way out as I was watching the creek looking for photo opportunities. Definitely going back when there is some color in the trees.

Went back to the highway and took the traditional road to Rush. Wow, this place has changed a lot since the first time I was here in the early nineties. The buildings have been cleaned up and fenced off, great to see. The trails are nicely marked with signage explaining life in the area at that time. Had the chance to see some deer close-up, they aren’t scared of vehicles or people. They will happily stare at you while you stare at them, awesome.

Found a great place to get a picture of Rush Creek as it flows towards the viewer. Managed to get a couple of quick shots before the heavens opened up. Will make a great picture, will be even better if I can convince a couple of deer to pose at the waters edge.

Will be posting pictures from my past trips as they get processed. I have started saving images differently this year. I realized that I wasn’t posting images very fast because I had to convert the RAW images to JPEG’s, the format the internet wants. It takes time to convert, however by changing how images are saved in camera I could speed up the process. RAW + JPEG saves the day. I can pick a dozen or so JPEG pictures to watermark and post here in 15-30 minutes.

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