col\'or•i•za\'tion (tr.v.) To impart color to black and white media by means of a computer assisted process.

Up until the early 1960\’s humans’ eyesight hadn\’t fully developed. We were incapable of seeing in color, our world was in subtle shades of black and white. It wasn\’t until 1939 that we had our first glimpse of a world in vivid color. During the 1940\’s and 50\’s our color vision improved, little by little.

In the early 1960\’s evolution had kicked into high gear as more humans were adapting to a world of color. By 1965 the transformation was complete; the world was full of red flowers, green grass, blue skies, yellow stars and purple marshmallows.

Ever wonder what your ancestors would have looked like in color? Our goal is to bring some color into these old black and white photographs


Bernice- colorized

Aww nards, you may have broken it.