res•to•ra•tion (n). 1a. An act of restoring, b. an instance of restoring or of being restored, c. the state of being restored. 2. Something, such as a photograph, that has been restored.

Old photographs are irreplaceable and vitally important to the telling of your family’s history.

We take your precious family photographs and restore them to their former glory. No longer will you have to squint and try to imagine what someone looked like, you will see him or her clearly. Fading, scratches, tears, and missing parts are restored without damaging or harming the original image.

The best part is that once restored you can easily share the photograph and its wonderful stories with the rest of the family. What we do is so much more than “fix” an image; we help preserve your family’s history and everyone’s unique place in the world. That includes preserving/restoring the original photographer’s vision or style.

To us restoration is about preserving your family’s history. In the case of individual or family portraits, one of your great grandparents paid to have this photograph taken. Honor their memory by having those images faithfully restored.

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